passionate about fabric



Textiles, Fabrics and Fashion have been my passion since it dawned on me, early on, that I had a fashionable Mother who was very artistic and had lovely clothes. I learned, through her, a love and respect for art,  fashion and design. Fortunately for me, she had the vision to send me to sewing lessons when I was 11, thus giving me what I needed to marry the aesthetic with the craft. I have never looked back.

Sewing has been a life long passion. I was very fortunate to study Art History and French at university, whilst traveling in France, Britain and Italy. I eventually settled in Britain and raised three children, sewing all the way through! I learned “make do and mend” resourcefulness, whilst indulging my passion for vintage textiles and fashion. Living near London allowed me frequent trips to the V & A, Liberty, and Berwick St. which was very enlightening.

I trained as a Design & Technology teacher in Britain in ’96, which was a wonderful challenge and I eventually landed my dream job: teaching Art History and Textiles/Fashion at Bedford High School. I feel very fortunate to have taught subjects for which I had a life long passion and to engage with so many creative and wonderful students. Being involved with teaching and studying fashion, fibres, garment construction, and textiles was amazing and the experience gave me an eclectic and unique vision which was a huge asset when I decided to open up a small boutique called The Silk Road Fine Fabrics outside of Boston, MA, in 2010. The Silk Road was my canvas where I could display my gorgeous fabrics, teach sewing, organise workshops and help customers create the perfect garment, accessory or textile product. It was an amazing experience which I treasure.

Having had the opportunity to move to Paris with my husband in early 2013 meant shutting up The Silk Road rather prematurely and moving abroad. I adored being in Paris with so much visual, and artistic inspiration, not to mention fashion. Fortunately we were also able to travel quite extensively in Europe.

It is lovely living in West London now, a new chapter just beginning in Richmond with loving the fabric!