DIY Liberty apron

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What you’ll need:

  • Main fabric (main body of your apron) – approx 54″ x 10 5/8″. Lightweight woven fabrics will work best such as cotton lawn or cotton shirting
  • Contrast fabric (waistband) – 5 1/4″ deep x however long your want your waistband to be in order to tie comfortably and securely around your waist. Ours was 55″ long
  • Optional pocket fabric – 6 3/4″ x 7 1/4″
  • Matching thread
  • Your sewing machine and usual dressmaking tools and supplies


Step 1 – sewing the pin tuck

Assemble the pin tuck approximately 3″ from the hem. To do this, measure down the vertical sides of your apron and make two little snips (notches) 1 1/2″ and 3″ from the bottom. Assemble the pin tuck by bringing the lower notch up to meet the notch above it, wrong sides of the fabric facing. Repeat this on the other side of your apron and press this fold.

Stitch into place 3/4″ from the pressed fold. Open out the tuck and press it towards the hem.



Step 2 – hemming

Hem the sides and bottom of your apron by folding and pressing the raw edges in by 1/4″ and then again by 1/2″. Stitch into place. Make sure you’ve left the edge that will be the waistline raw!



Step 3 – gathering the waistline

To gather the waist, sew two parallel rows of wide basting stitches along the apron’s waistline, backstitching at one end but not the other.

From the un-backstitched end, gently pull on the bobbin threads to gather the fabric along your basting stitches. Stop when you get to your desired width, and take care to distribute your gathers evenly before securing the threads with a double knot.



Step 4 – the pocket (optional)

Start by assembling the patch pocket. Fold and press the top edge in by 1/4″ and press. Next fold and press that same top edge in by about 1″. Now turn that last fold back on itself so that you have right sides together. Stitch around the sides and bottom with a scant 3/8″ seam allowance, trapping the folded down top edge in your stitches. You can now turn the top back out to the right side and use the rest of the stitches as a pressing guide to prep your pocket.

Stitch across the pocket to secure the top edge.

Play around with the pocket placement on your apron and when you’re happy, pin it into place and topstitch as close to the fold as possible, remembering to leave the top open!


Step 5 – attaching the waistband

Start by folding the waistband in half lengthways, wrong sides together, and press the fold.

Open the waistband out and pin it to the apron’s waistline, right sides together, and positioning the apron in the centre of the waistband. Stitch with 5/8″ seam allowance.

With right sides together, fold the lengths of the waistband back on itself and pin together along the raw edges. Stitch with 5/8″ seam allowance, stopping when you get to the apron. Turn the waistband out to the right side and press.

Press the unstitched inside edge of the waistband and topstitch it to the waistline carefully and from the right side.

To create the shaping at the waistband, simply fold the sides of the waistband (where they meet the sides of the apron) into thirds lengthways and press. Hold in place with pins, and then topstitch decoratively over the waistband to secure.