collage work

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I have been creating what I call collage work for ages, though I’m quite sure I started experimenting more when I was doing design work for my Design and Technology teaching degree in ’96/’97.

I also used this technique when teaching at Bedford High School, as a simple but expressive form of embellishment for my students. My current work evolves with every piece I make and naturally some I like more than others! This is my art, which combines my love of fine art, fabric and embellishment in one go.

Sometimes instead of using a painting or sculpture, I will use photographs of my children, family pets or treasured places, which I print directly onto fabric. These are not colour fast, however and as a result the works often fade and blur, giving a beautiful antique look.  Whether created for a specific reason or not,  I am always guided by my artistic instincts and my end result is never realised until I am finished. I use mostly natural fibre fabrics and build up a base of maybe two or three layers as my canvas. I place the images and other bits until I like the arrangement and then pin. I leave a lot of raw edges and encourage fraying. When most of the machine work is done, I use mother of pearl buttons to embellish. If I realise too much time has elapsed between collages I get into my studio for inspiration. Sometimes I will use my collages on cushions, bags, or even on belts, but washing these products is not possible. Most of my work, though, I mount on my beautiful linen covered wall frames, in my studio….